Blooming Sunflower Handmade Soaps and more

Hi my name is Sarah! I make goat milk soap using the milk from my goats. I hand milk the girls everyday during milking season. The loofah used in my soaps is grown in my garden. I love to craft so I make other handmade items as well. In addition to goats, I have cows, donkeys, bees, chickens, ducks, and geese. Also, I sell seasonal produce, flowers, eggs, and animals. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what is available and going on at the farm!

Goat Milk Soap

My Farm Animals

I have five lamancha does and one buck. While the girls are in milk, I use their milk for soap, yogurt, cheese, fudge, ice cream, and more. Also, I have cows (meat), chickens, ducks, and geese (eggs), donkeys (guarding), bees (honey), barn cats (mice), and a bunny (pet). Hermey is my dog who loves the farm life and camera.


Where to find my products:

🌻 TGS Farms Country Store in Cowpens, SC
🌻Heather Amanda’s in Spindale, NC
🌻Tate Meatworks in Spartanburg, SC 
🌻Southerndipity Gifts in Spartanburg, SC🌻Holmes Photography in Lauren’s, SC
🌻Holy Vintage Furniture in Joanna, SC
🌻Broad Street Antiques and Vintage Finds in Clinton, SC
🌻Stones Hauling and Feed in Enoree, SC
🌻Local Events and Farmer’s Market